Welcome to China Institute for Actuarial Science (CIAS).

In 1952, Central University of Finance and Economics became the first in China to commence work in insurance research and talent development and officially establish insurance as a major in advanced educational institutes. After national insurance operation was shut down in 1958, Central University of Finance and Economics continued to foster international insurance talents for financial institutes such as China Bank. And in 1980, the year that national insurance operation recovered, Central University of Finance and Economics resumed recruitment and launched research studies in relevant fields. In the shortage of professional minds and knowledge, Professor Li Jixiong and Professor Chen Jiru as well as other experts and scholars in Central University of Finance and Economics provided many research findings and consulting plans for the foundation of national insurance regulation system and at the same time, contributed to the development of Chinese insurance industry by cultivating a lot of insurance professionals for the society which has also won high respects both domestically and internationally.

As the insurance market gradually matures in the late 80s, how to predict and assess the risks that uncertain events underlie and how to promote insurance research into a higher and more advanced level became the bottleneck problems for the development of insurance industry. In 1992, after years of negotiation, Central University of Finance and Economics signed a cooperation agreement with British Institute of Actuaries, British Association of Actuaries and Zurich Financial Services Group, introducing the globally recognized British actuarial system in China and began to foster actuarial specialists together with international partners. In 1993, Central University of Finance and Economics established the Institute for Insurance and Actuarial Science, initiating the research and education of actuarial science, and began to explore the foundation and promotion of Chinese actuarial system. The same year witnessed the admission of the Masters of Actuarial Science. As the first research institute for actuarial science, the Institute aims to explore the path for actuarial development and contribute to the widespread and application of actuarial science in China as well as the foundation of Chinese actuarial system. Meanwhile, the institute has also yielded excellent achievements in producing international actuarial talents. Up till now 9 students has received actuarial qualification from British Institute of Actuaries. Approximately 100 graduates received the Certificate in Actuarial Science. Many people, including the first director of Actuarial Committee of Insurance Association of China (responsible for fulfilling the roles of China Association of Actuaries) were deemed the first actuaries by China Insurance Regulatory Commission. These accomplishments earned great attention and a high reputation in both the insurance and actuarial industries worldwide. Recently, graduates from the Institute have become increasingly popular. Many graduates entered the Actuarial Department of the British government. Others were employed by insurance regulatory departments, famous domestic and international insurance companies and large financial groups.